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Oct 27, 2014
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What has happened to the Democratic Party? We are witnessing a time in human history when the natural act of being born is regarded by democrats as a criminal act worthy of the death penalty. How did the Democratic Party get to such a dark place?

Could it be that decades of academic drugging with Adderall and Ritalin have lowered the intelligence of about half the population of the United States? In the 1980’s the American Psychological Association partnered with the Pharmaceutical industry and began creating bogus, designer conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder and assorted Hyperactivity ailments to pressure parents into allowing school systems to dart their children like zoo animals.

Big Pharma and liberal social scientists convinced citizens that their children could be saturated with MK-Ultra-like drugs to get higher SAT scores and now the little monsters are out there trying to legalize human sacrifice called “post-viability” abortions. Even Joseph Mengele didn’t think of this.

In America the state executes dastardly criminals the exact same way democrats want to snuff out Nancy Pelosi’s “spark of divinity” in full term babies. A viable human emerging from the womb is fully capable of struggling and fighting for its life; it is not a fetus. The doctors and nurses have to restrain a living human and drown it with lethal chemicals until can’t breathe just like a condemned prisoner on Death Row.

Aleister Crowley and Rasputin couldn’t have created a more evil entity than the Democratic Party in the United States. The scholastic drugs along with imported opiates in a phony war on drugs have served their purpose because many buzzed democrats are preoccupied with cartoon like sham investigations and show trials to impeach a president that is rocking the boat.

Killing fully developed babies is apparently a price worth paying in the tortured minds of America’s democrats because a crusade against the central planning of government pharmacies disguised as colleges cannot be allowed to stand-the babies have to die and the president has to go. It’s the old elitist “greater good’ argument.

What kind of twisted, sinister logic marches us to a death chamber because at birth we are seen as a threat to the body sovereignty of our mothers? As the Democratic Party persists does the human race even deserve to survive? Is there intelligent life on our planet or are we all democrats?
What has happened to the Democratic Party? We are witnessing a time in human history when the natural act of being born is regarded by democrats as a criminal act worthy of the death penalty. How did the Democratic Party get to such a dark place??

Hyperbole and inaccuracies destroy any debate before it can begin.
I thought of doing it like this while I was in the gym:

It’s a quiet, clinical setting as teams of health professionals await the entrance of the condemned. Some crimes simply cannot be tolerated in modern society and the offenders are deemed so dangerous that they must pay with their lives. As a doctor that took an oath to do no harm prepares the life-strangling chemicals that will end life, the arrival of the guilty party is delayed and the attending nurse is restless.

Then movement is detected and a complete human emerges from the dilated birth canal of the societal victim. The solemn event is now set into motion as the trained clinicians act to make the tiny criminal comfortable while it struggles for oxygen.

For the crime of being defenseless, the nameless full term baby is positioned by the professionals to receive the judged deathblow of Roe vs. Wade. Needles containing lethal poisons puncture the flesh of the infant while it begins to take on a blueish hue. Completely developed hands and feet move back and forth while the doctor uses verbal virtuosity to explain that the soon to be dispatched feels no pain.

Movement ceases and electronic instruments indicate that all vital signs are gone.
The child is successfully flat-lined and society is protected from one of those wretched representatives of the human race having no one to advocate for them in a time of complete cultural breakdown.

This is where the Democratic Party has been headed and this is where it is going. You must ask yourself if this is the kind of darkness you are attracted to. Has the Democratic Party become the party of stupid Jews and half-witted Christians?
It certainly looks that way.

What kind of human being could support such a dastardly phenomenon like a post-viable abortion? Maybe the donkey should be replaced with a satanic pentagram. Even an agnostic like this writer finds the Democratic Party an abomination to the human spirit.
Anyone who has any respect for the human race should abandon the Democratic Party immediately.

It is leading you down a rabbit hole you’ll never come back from. Stop listening to the forked-tonged “experts”. They don’t speak for people. No society advocating infanticide ever survived and thrived. You need to speak for yourself by voting with your feet
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