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Apr 6, 2017
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After the terrible events of 9-11, new Federal agencies sprang up almost overnight. The cabinet position of DNI was created and the people were told that all of the intelligence gathering agencies needed to have a single conduit to start intel. The Dept of Homeland Security was created among another changes that affected travel and other aspects of life in the US, in short order.

Fast forward to 6JAN2020. The US Capitol Police were left sucking hind tit on the information pipeline. More recommendations for changes followed. Fast forward to last evening. A parachute demonstration was scheduled at Nationals Park, well within the DC ADIZ. The FAA were notified and had to green light the drop. The distance from the Capitol to Nationals Park is about two miles, as the plane flies. The drop aircraft circled for some time to be able to coordinate the demonstration for a specific window. The time lag from when the aircraft was airborne to when the Capito Police called for evacuation was approximately 30 minutes.

My rant is just that, all manner of changes have been made or said to be made in the twenty-one years after the terrible events of that September morning and here we are…..

The USCP have gotten the brunt of the blame, but I don’t lay the blame with them.

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