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PORKBUSTERS!! Join the fight! (1 Viewer)


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Mar 21, 2005
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I highly encourage everyone to get involved in this campaign to cut back wasteful spending. This years 400 billion+ transportation bill included immense amounts of pork barrel spending (funding allocated by the federal government to local areas through the lobbying efforts of Senators and Representatives). Now, in normal times, this would be a significant problem, but in light of the fiscal crisis brought about through Hurricane Katrina, among other causes, it is now imperative that we come together to try to cut back on this spending.

This is a non-partisan effort for any people who feel that our government is spending beyond it's means and want to help.

Here's how to help:

Identify some wasteful spending in your state or (even better) Congressional District. Go to N.Z. Bear's new PorkBusters page to locate pork spending already identified in your area, or to learn how to find some yourself.

Then call and email your Senators and Representative and ask them if they're willing to support having that program cut or -- failing that -- what else they're willing to cut in order to fund Katrina relief. (Be polite, identify yourself as a local constituent who is politically active and let them know you're working with a group of people as the representative in your area to cut pork). Then go back to NZ Bear's page and to this post on Debate Politics and post your results.

So far this campaign has already caused members of Congress to return over $84,000,000 in specific programs to the federal treasury, and has gotten committments from numerous other politicians on both sides of the aisle.

So take action, and help restore responsibility to our budget!

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