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Pope Francis asks U.S. bishops to hold off on sex abuse vote

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From United Press International

Pope Francis asks U.S. bishops to hold off on sex abuse vote

Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Pope Francis has asked U.S. Catholic bishops meeting in Maryland Monday to delay voting on a strategy to handle accusations of clergy sex abuse.

The bishops of nearly 200 U.S. Catholic dioceses and archdioceses gathered in Baltimore Monday for a three-day conference and will vote on measures designed to handle the crisis and prevent future abuse.

The bishops learned in the opening minutes of Monday's session Pope Francis issued a directive to delay any final votes on strategy, The Washington Post reported.

The pope prefers that his global meeting of church leaders, scheduled for February in Rome, comes before any actions by U.S. bishops, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops told the convention in Baltimore.


Dear American Bishops;

Forget about the theological teachings about how good confession and atonement are for the health of your souls.

Do NOT do anything until the Board of Directors of RCC Inc. has managed to arrange matters to ensure that RCC Inc. is as judgment proof as possible. The loss of fixed and/or fungible assets by RCC Inc. will have a serious adverse impact on RCC Inc.'s cash flow situation.

The Board of Directors of RCC Inc. will inform you, in due course, exactly what you are to say in order to deflect any and all criticism from the District Managers and the Regional Managers installed by RCC Inc..

Yours piously

(Frankie the Pope)

OK, that's overstating the case, but the question is "By how much?".
Politics in religion...imagine that...:2razz:
"Protect the Brand Name" is neither politics nor religion - it's business.

If you think there's no politics in business, then you don't know much...
If you think there's no politics in business, then you don't know much...

That depends on how you define "politics".

Some people take the position that "ideology" is inextricably intertwined with "politics" - others don't.

However, other people take the position that the only "ideology" involved in "politics" is "self-interest".

If "Person X" has supported "Party A" for all of their adult life and has a company, then, if "Party A" proposes something that will harm their company while "Party B" proposes something that will help their company, which way to you think that "Person X" is going to throw their support in the next election (REGARDLESS of the ideology of "Person X")?
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