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Pompeo: We are Building A Coalition Against Nord Stream 2


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Sep 2, 2017
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We (US) are Building A Coalition Against Nord Stream 2. with other worlds USA one more time will save European centralization from oppressive totalitarian barbarism, this time Muscovite imperial (USSR 2:0 as Moscow´s propaganda call it) .its also the Great news for American , Israeli, Egypt, Qatar´s LNG (Free from mongolism gas market)


The United States is building a coalition aimed at preventing the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will substantially increase the flow of Russian gas into Europe, the U.S. Secretary of State told German daily Bild in an interview.

“From the US point of view, Nord Stream 2 endangers Europe because it makes it dependent on Russian gas and endangers Ukraine - which in my opinion worries many Germans,” Pompeo said. “We hope Nord Stream 2 will not be completed and we are working on a coalition to prevent this from happening.

We hope that the German government will also come to this assessment, be it because of what happened to Mr. Navalny or because of the security implications that dependence on Russian gas brings."

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