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Politifact on Trump and Hillary


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Nov 17, 2010
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The above PolitiFact numbers reveal that while no politician ends up being factually accurate one hundred percent of the time, the contrast between the final two candidates is markedly clear.

This actually does not surprise me … if one reads legislation and follows along this is glaring obvious.

It really does seem like Trump is making things up as he goes along. On the one hand, Trump has considerably less money campaign-wise, so Hillary can afford to put together a stronger team to support her. On the other hand, i'm pretty sure that even i could do a better job than Trump.
Neither of these two clowns are winners, but yeah Trump lying at a 2:1 ratio as her doesn't surprise me at all.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is essentially B.S.
There has never been a candidate and recent history whose opponent is so obviously defeated. So obviously working together.
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