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Politics in Canada


Jul 19, 2005
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Cleveland, OH
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I'm taking a polisci course about Canada this coming fall semester, and I admit I am horribly ignorant towards many of their political parties and their system of government.

I know there are some people here who are from Canada, and I thought, if you felt inclined, you could give us the basic rundown for the situation up there. I know that the French Canadians tend to not get along so well, but I don't really know the whole story. I'd like to perhaps brush up on some things so that I don't go into this course completely cold. Thanks. Have at it.
Mikkel- What do you want to know specifically? Here's a site that answers general questions: http://canada.gc.ca/howgoc/howind_e.html

I would assume that you want something more specific than a gov. site can give you. I can get you into the meat of the issues if that's what you're looking for.

First off, it's probably not entirely correct to say that the French Canadians tend to not get along well. There is a faction in Quebec that are separatists and have a separatist agenda but they are probably still a minority. We Canadians are of the opinion, for the most part, that we are a bilingual country with both English and French roots and therefore we attempt to accomodate the French minority. Some Canadians are of the opinion that we shouldn't accomodate a minority because it's costly to do so but the majority still believe it is the best policy. I'm with the majority. Some French speaking people and people of French heritage will not be happy no matter what we do because their agenda is strictly separation from Canada.

I won't go any farther for now because I don't know what way your are heading with you questions but feel free to ask questions of the sort that won't be covered in gov. of Canada sites.
Canada is a socialist country that is a teaching aid for Americans.We watch what Canada does and not do the same thing. Canada likes to mimic European thinking.
It has what it calls a constitution that when you read it sounds pretty good.Its in the interpretation and enforcemnet that it comes up short.Where as the USA believes that letting people say what they think and print what they think with only loose restrictions,is a safety valve for democracy. Canada has decided that restricting speech and press to a greater extent is better.Political correctness is much stronger in Canada than the U S .
I disagree with you there, man.. I don't believe Canada is a socialist country.. the fact that Paul Martin and his [corrupt] Liberals are right wing proves it.. well, as a whole, Canada CAN be socialist..
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