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Nov 27, 2004
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Hello all,

I have recently begun a "website watch" of sorts. I feel like "old media" is on it's way out and I am trying to find good websites for conservatives and others to check out.

I am interested in hearing your all's favorite sites as well. I am listing two new sites that I have recently come across. I am definitely more impressed with www.misterpolitics.com but the 2nd one is worth looking at too.

In an effort to be fair and balanced, the first one I have listed is more conservative and the 2nd one is more liberal.

1) www.misterpolitics.com

2) www.polstate.com
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Are either of these sites yours?

misterpolitics.com is definatly a bookmarker!

One of our members owns http://stayinformed.org a more liberal approach, but quite a bundle of content over there.
I wish I could take credit for either. I have had some good conversations through email with "Misterpolitics" though.

I sent him a list of some conservative forums I think he ought to get in and I included this one.
P.S Vague,

Plano's a cool city. I'm in University Park.
Thank you for the sited list. :)

I agree, Plano is a nice place.

But, everyone keeps going more North. Isn't that the same in every city?

I wonder if South of the Equator, folks tend to move South?

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