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Police repression against gays at the Street 13 concert


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May 13, 2010
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Police repression against gays at the Street 13 concert concerthttp://www.cubanet.org/CNews/y2010/marzo2010/26_N_4.html

Havana, Cuba, 26 of March,2010 (Aliomar Janjaque Chivaz, Cubanet/index) – Police agents struck and arrested 16 young homosexual, and other 7 had to be hospitalized due to the blows inflicted by the agents. This took place during the concert of the Puerto Rican duet Street 13 in the stage of the so call Anti-imperialist Tribune, in Havana.

“The 7 young gays were taken care of because of severe injuries, in the Calixto García hospital”, said David Veliz, 19 years old, technical student and fiancé of Alfaro Dallan Rímel, 18 years old, who suffered the fracture of two ribs on the left side, at the hands of the police.

“That happened to them for been queer…, for been queering in front of us”, said a police, with badge number 243211, referenced to the dancing way of the homosexuals who were struck and arrested at the concert.

“The homosexuals will be condemned by disrespect, attack and public scandal” said an official of the police station to Maribel Zúñiga, mother of the twins Abel and Abraham Acosta Zúñiga, 17 years old gays, who are part of the group of 16 struck and arrested.

Zúñiga, said that the police acted in a “wild and abusive” way, talking about to the way in which the 16 years minor Amílcar Sed was handcuffed, in spite of his painful shouts, because they have fractured the wrist of his right hand.
For 50 years under Fidel Castro regime, Cuban gays have been subjected to widespread repression and government crackdowns. Gays couldn’t have the slightest gay mannerisms, without exposing to incarceration and inhumane treatment.
Castro regime is once again launching a campaign against homosexuals, specifically directed at transvestites. The police warn you not to dress as a woman and if you do so they apply a public hazard law with which the regime judicial system can penalize you with up to four years in prison.
No public activism is allowed to Cubans LGBT persons, they will be throng in jail if they dare to try. The gay scene in Havana is under increase police harassment.
It isn’t new for those that know Cuba, the existence of official abuse of the gay community by the police. During the Street 13 concert young gays were dancing to the music, a normal thing to do in a concert, nothing illegal, no reason for the police to attack and arrest them. This is a serious problem, the abuse of gay rights by the police enforcing government policies.
Round up of homosexuals after the Street 13 concert
Noticias/Cuba_Recogida de homosexuales tras el concierto de Calle 13

Havana, Cuba, 26 of March,2010 (Aliomar Janjaque Chivaz, Cubanet/index) - “At dawn on Wednesday, after the concert of the Puerto Rican duet Street 13, the police forced a large group of gays, close to 300, gathered in the malecon, to leave the place”, said to this reporter a passer-by, Lidia Zanganá.

“The police parked 12 patrol cars and expelled the gays from the malecón wall. Anyone that would fall behind or wouldn’t move, was push into the patrol cars and carried to the station”, said Daiquel Guerrero, a 22 years old gay.

The larger round up took place when the police trucks arrived. They asked for identity cards and pack us up like dogs, pushed us and told us all kinds of insults. We were beaten for fun, They beat us and laughed, and tore the transvestite wigs,” Guerrero added.
The methodical oppression of homosexuals that exist under certain Marxist regimes in the world today is vicious. The systematic persecution of gays under Castro’s regime has by now become endemic.
Here are some quotations from the report in Granma, the official daily organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, on the First National Congress on Education and Culture regarding Homosexuality:
“An in-depth analysis was made of the preventive and educational measures that are to be put into effect against existing locusts, including the control and relocation of isolated cases and degrees of deterioration . . . it was resolved that for notorious homosexuals to have influence in the formation of our youth is not to be tolerated on the basis of “artistic merits” . . . homosexuals should not have any direct influence on our youth through artistic and cultural activities. It was resolved that those whose morals do not correspond to the prestige of our revolution should be barred from any group of performers representing our country abroad. Finally it was agreed to demand severe penalties be applied to those who corrupt the morals of minors, depraved repeat offenders and irredeemable antisocial elements.”
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