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Police Brutality Statistics


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Apr 13, 2011
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[FONT=open_sansregular]Police brutality has been increasing over the years and every year several cases get registered due to the cruelness of police in various countries. Police officials when surveyed about the brutality, 43% said that following rules with not get the job done, 25% officials stated that usually police officer harasses a citizen based on his/her race. According to survey, it was stated that more than 79% of police officers are not satisfied with the laws related to judicial system to arrest a criminal and 84% of police officials have witnessed that superior officers make use of external force to arrest a person for indulging in criminal activities. Every year cases are filed against 9.5% city police, 3.4% sheriff officer's, 2.9% of country police and 1.3 % of state police for their misconduct. -[/FONT]

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Police brutality has been catching a lot of attention recently. I found this graph very interesting to see not only the police officers perspective themselves, but citizens as well.
oops. Nevermind I missed the link somehow, but it's there.
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