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Please Read: Private Debate Rules & Guidelines

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Our old stickies on this subject have been archived, so I've decided to start fresh with a new sticky. So without further ado, here are some rules and guidelines specific to the Private Debate forum:

1. This forum is for two (or more) members to have a discussion without the interference of others. It is NOT the place to "call someone out" - there are more appropriate places within DP to do that.

2. Before you start a Private Debate, please make sure that all participants are on board with a)participating at all; and b) the topic. Please do this via the PM system; do NOT set up a thread before at least one other person has agreed to enter into a Private Debate with you.

3. Unlike the True Debate forum, Private Debates are not monitored; myself and Caine will not step in unless a forum rule has been broken. There are no time limits, and you can post however often you and the other participants agree on.

4. Now, how do you set up a Private Debate? It's simple! Here are the instructions that vauge had previously posted regarding this:

vauge said:
It is simple. The only hard thing is finding the user id of the user.
I've kept it this way so that debates are not created on the fly and only serious debators that are worthy will join in.

It is only available in this forum.

Have fun.

First - goto the profile of any user(s) you are interested in debating...

Let's take tecoyah - he is always a glutton for punishment.
Here is his profile - under his name is a UserID.

You *will need* this to create your private debate.

Now when creating a post, under the submit/spellcheck buttons is a field for private debates.
Add the userID of your victim(s) in there.


Here is an example of me creating a private debate between tecoyah and I.
My userID is 1.

5, Caine and I reserve the right to edit this sticky at any time, so check back periodically to make sure nothing's changed.

6. Above all, and as always, have fun, and if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Caine or myself.
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