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Please help me stop a Lier


Jan 14, 2005
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Hi Vauge & and all debate-politics members I need your help to stop a lier
It's this punk talk show host his name is Scott Allen Miller or ( Stotto) he is on WRKO680am in Boston he claims he tried to join the military in 1992 and they would not let him because his feet are to big size 15 what a joke I know they are some military or exmiltary service men / women out there uwho can tell him he is a lier .....You can call toll free 1877-469-4322 this is one of the reasons that I get band from talk radio because I do not let them lie.....You also should send a fax the the general manager I think hi name is... Rich but you can get it on Their web site ....it's the blute and scotto show

The truth will set you free
It is possible. The armed forces do have height/weight requirements:
Males: Physical Condition (Some military occupations have additional requirements.) Height: 5'0" to 6'8"
Weight: 100 lb to 255 lb
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(that doesn't prove one way or another your question, but it does lend it a bit of credence)
I could be wrong about Robinson but from memory he was only about 6'7" when admitted to the Naval Academy.
Graduates are required to serve and again, I could be wrong but I think his service was cut short because of his size.

I have no idea what his shoe size was at the time of admission but I do think that it is quite possible that the perp in this thread was rejected for that reason.
I think mysh is correct.

Also why care about what a guy on the radio says?
Arch Enemy; Just ask me a real stupid question he wants to why Freedom69 cares what a talk radio host says .

Heres my answer 1) Because 16 years old kids like him will believe what this coward says.

2nd) I can plainly A lot of people believe these stupid lying cowards it's bad enough when A 16 year old believes these gutless wonders but A lot of you adults believe them too .......And their all laughing at you all the way to the bank.

It's bad enough when they lie about their political right wing agenda .

Must I remind you they are lying about our best and bravest the men and woman who put their lives on the line every day for all of US
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