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Peter Schiff and Donald Trump On The National Debt

Peter Schiff? :lamo

Schiff has long been a darling of the libertarian group who cannot get enough of Austrian economics. However, he has a highly selective memory about his own track record and based on what I have read about the man over the years - I would not invest a dollar with him.

Nate Heckmann: Peter Schiff is Wrong About Everything | naked capitalism

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Schiff is a money manager who claims to be an economist but has no formal credentials.* He such a terrible money manager that one wonders why the SEC hasn’t come calling. He lost 60% to 70% of customer assets in a two-year period when he was supposedly making correct macro calls. It isn’t just that he made disastrously bad timing decisions. He violated one of the basic rules of investment management, which is diversification (as of the last time his account results were made public, his picks represented only 2 bets: energy and gold, and that via small gold stocks or trusts). And he also appears to loaded up his customers with lots of risk. If so, he might have violated “know your customer” rules.

Mind you, this performance occurred when his public calls were generally correct. One can only imagine how he’s done when he’s been screaming “hyperinflation” and we instead have disinflation tending to deflation.

The guy is bad news and the voters of Connecticut knew it when they rejected him in a primary for Senate.

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Over and over there is very little logically evidence to support conservative claims about where the value of usd comes from. We instead get a lot of talk about 'confidence'. How much confidence is the world really going to have in our currency if our potus is arbitrarily threatening to 'restructure' the worlds most stable investment?
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