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Pet Peeves


May 20, 2010
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What is your pet peeve? We stopped and shopped at several dept stores over the weekend and everyone of them played [sometimes loud] music over the p.a. system, which is my pet peeve.
I try to avoid those places but its getting more and more difficult. Give me a walmart and a hardware store that does not pipe in music and they will get all of my business.
My pet peeves-

Someone leaving one or two icecubes in the icecube tray so that they do not have to refill the icecube tray.

People who can't walk several feet to the trash can to throw away their trash.

People who leave a empty tea pitcher in the fridge.

Smokers with perfectly good ashtrays in their car tossing butts outside the car window.

People tossing trash out the window.

Assholes speeding down residential streets and assholes who think speed limits are merely speed suggestions.

Themed cable channels showing unrelated content.For example history channel showing conspiracy nonsense and big foot bull **** and lumber today cutting down trees and ice road truckers(if it was lumberjacks cutting down trees 50 years ago or truckers driving in Alaska 50 years ago then that would be history,something that happened yesterday or a year or two ago is not history), SyFy channel showing wrestling shows (yes I realize this is fiction but it is not science fiction)and horror movies(horror is a separate genre), MTV not showing music videos or music related programing but instead show retarded ass reality shows, Cartoon network showing live action shows. The learning channel with midget reality shows and the Oh my Vagina is the size of a hallway after having a ****load of kids reality shows and a couple twits showing people how to dress.

Socialized medicine people and pro-illegals trying to hijack and mock the civil rights groups of the past. This should piss off any decent person.

TV guide channel showing irritating shows that have washed up celebs, American idol loosers and some old hag with one too many plastic surgeries and her daughter trying to leech off what ever fame her mother many have by helping her host red carpet shows all while I am just trying to see what the **** is on tv. And the fact the preview guide channel lists whats on digital cable even though the people with digital cable can just push a button a remote to see what the hell is on tv.

People who don't buckle up their children. No excuse for this whatsoever. :soap

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