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Peering into the American Political Fishbowl: A European Perspective.


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May 30, 2017
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There is plenty of space for Americans to discuss and critique European states and European policies on DPF. The opposite is more rare in my experience. So the purpose of this thread is for Europeans to discuss the state of the American Union, the international policies of America, the domestic challenges and policies of the USA and their impact on the future of America, etc. Please let's be respectful in this analysis and not use this thread as a soapbox for unsupported anti-Americanism. Thank you in advance for your participation and also for your anticipated decorum in this thread.

Not being European, but keenly interested in what others from Europe have to say, I'll shut-up now, unless asked for clarification or if someone asks me a question.

I appreciate the idea but also ask for understanding over my non-participation.

Reason for the latter being that this thread will shortly move to being devoid of decorum, with or without anyone from Europe screwing that quality over.

It's an atmosphere I have no interest to engulf myself in, the "invasion" of the Europe forum by the usual ignorant and devoid of bedside manners nuts from cross pond being sufficiently annoying as it is, without my feeling the need to go to the source.

Let me mention though that this does not include the vast number of American posters (US and others) that have enjoyed both an education and a civilized upbringing, all of whom will nevertheless show as being powerless to keep something like this from going South.

Short of this being put into something like "battle grounds and disputations", and strictly moderated by that provision, I'll decline.

In the spirit of "if I want to see a bunch of raging loons go ape over and at each other before long, Europe offers plenty of those as it is, so who needs Yanks?":2razz:

Nevertheless, no hard feelings :)
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