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Pedophile Punishments


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May 4, 2005
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I had no idea which forum this thread should have been in so I put it in this one.

Personally, I think child molesters are worse then serial killers, and therefore should be punished more severely. Pedophilia (Maybe I spelled right maybe I didn't- I don't care) is not a mental disease as some liberals would like to believe, and even if it is, it is one that can not be cured, and most human beings have the combination of self-control and the knowing of right from wrong and therefore can control themselves even if they have this so-called disease. Victims of these predators are more screwed up then anybody else. What should we do about these sick SOBs?

Extend statute of limitations for reporting child molesters (which states would have to do individually), and make the punishments even greater, even if it is just one kid molested, the pedo should not get out in ten years (why not? He only destroyed a defensive innocent little kid's life) like many do. Most are repeat offenders and do not deserve a second chance (or third, or fourth), they knew right from wrong and chose to attack a kid anyways disregarding the long term effects the kid suffers mentally and socially the rest of his life, only thinking about their own sick, twisted impulses.

Next off, I don't care if you're as famous as MJ, if you do the crime, you should be treated just the same as anybody else who does it. If he's convicted, throw his cherry ass in the general public of prison.

There is only one very very rare exception to avoiding the punishments of molesting children, but even then you should probably go to a mental hospital for a while. There are (once again, very rare) cases in which there were normal people who did not have twisted feelings for kids until a large brain tumor in the frontal lobe affected the persons impulses. But I cannot stress enough how rare this is, and the only reason I mentioned it is to avoid getting a thousand liberal replies telling me this.
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I get..now if I'm wrong correct me..I've got a feeling you..don't like liberals?

Now, I don't believe they're worse then serial killers, their victims are still alive at least. However, I don't think it's a "disease" so much as a severe mental condition. Should they fry for it? No, no one should fry. Locked away? Yes.

I also agree with you, celebrities should not be exempt from the law or get a lessened punishment due to their status and wealth.
you've got to be kidding me, you think John Couey is worse than Adolf Hitler?

Is it humanly possible to execute someone harder? I mean that's the only harder type of punishment then that of the serial killers.

It is a mental disorder and it can be treated. There's that one famous pedophile who recently came on CNN, he has been really open about his obession with little children. After treatment, he said he doesn't get the urge to.. but he did say "Treated? Yes, Cured? Never". No way to cure a mental disorder, it's not possible.
I say lock them up for a long... long time. Child molesters have it worse in prison than people who have committed any other crime. Usually, they are at such risk of being assaulted or killed while in prison, that they are forced into solitary confinement for their own safety.

My Criminal Justice professor who worked 7 years of child abuse said that there is no way to treat or cure child preferential child molesters. He believed that they were hardwired to have a preference for children. Situational molesters on the other hand, can be treated/cured.

I know someone who was molested as a kid, and they are now 21... and this person still has some very serious issues, 15 years after it happened.
Castrate them without anaesthetic and make em eat their own bollocks/cojones!
Repub05 said:
I had no idea which forum this thread should have been in so I put it in this one.
I know it doesn't belong in here.

I'm moving it to Off Topic Discussion. That's only forum where it doesn't not belong.
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