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Peace, Love, and Understanding

How am I misunderstanding the calls for Russia to be stopped with military force? Don't take it past that question to answer the question. Don't ask me a leading question to answer that question. Answer that specific question. And note that temporary military force might have to be included in the best options we have because we haven't developed better options (and the USG has blocked and ignored better options). We might have to risk it because humanity is in such an insane position.

The better option for the world and especially the USG government would be to prepare and deliver the best speech ever delivered. That speech would have to include:

1. Look, we know that we've been and still are massive parts of humanity's environmental and militaristic problems. Our past and recent history, and our foolish stances to this point have mostly pointed in that unwise direction.

2. But NOW we stand here as wise humans to deliver this message (forget speech, speech comes from the dominant mindset) of shame coupled with the wisdom to move forward together.

3. To be one wise and loving human race; to stop this madness, this genocide and ecocide; to embrace our collective fragility and collective brilliance simultaneously.

4. To start quickly making our ways down the 'environment-path' and 'peace-path' by revolutionizing the Industrial Revolution and finally replacing militarism, conflict, and human rights abuses with international justice for all!

5. Humanity needs to wholeheartedly embrace not just the equivalent of the space race, but the totality of the race to save the human race from pending environmental and/or social collapse, which are mostly (not entirely) intertwined.

It's not the Green New Deal, although it has similarities. It's the Big Beautiful Blue Marble Revolving and Orbiting in Space Peace Love and Understanding Deal That We Have No Choice to Embrace or Roll the Dice on Dual Existential Threats Deal.

I'm crying over here.

There are no sides to an imperfect sphere, only surfaces which can only be captured from space without getting the whole picture.


The feeling humans need to get comfortable with and maintain (at least reflected in our policies and behaviors, because feelings are fleeting) is that feeling we get after a natural disaster or when we witness someone hurting for whatever reasons.

I don't know if we can pull it off, because we've put if off for decades, but we can try. I am sending every living being on Earth an abundance of love and strength. Every living and natural nonliving entity on Earth plays a role in supporting life on Earth. Indigenous wisdom and biologically-sound industrialism; peace , love, and understanding.



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May 30, 2017
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I don't know about a speech but Elvis Costello wrote a song:

For whatever that's worth.

Cheers, be well and stay alive.
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