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Paul Manafort filing from Mueller to be largely secret (1 Viewer)


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Aug 25, 2016
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Paul Manafort filing from Mueller to be largely secret


Washington (CNN)Special counsel Robert Mueller's team will file its description of how Paul Manafort breached his cooperation agreement largely under seal, a federal judge said Friday.

The filing will be first time prosecutors have summarized why and how they believe Manafort breached his plea agreement. Previously, the prosecutors simply told a federal judge Manafort "committed federal crimes by lying" to the FBI and special counsel's office during his cooperation interviews "on a variety of subject matters."...

The clandestine nature of the filing suggests again that the whats afoot, what Manafort lied about, pertains either to Donald Trump or to counterintelligence matters. Were it merely his own criminally singular behavior, there'd be no point to keeping secret the nature of his dissembling.

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