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Passenger Claims Southwest Forced Her to Abandon Pet Fish At Denver Airport Before Flight


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Aug 26, 2007
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San Antonio Texas
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DENVER, Colo. (CBS Local) — A passenger flying Southwest Airlines on Friday claims she was forced her to leave her pet fish behind at the Denver International Airport before her flight. Lanice Powless, a student at the University of Colorado, says she was ready to board her flight to San Diego with her pink betta fish “Cassie” when an airline employee told her pet wouldn’t be allowed to board.
Powless said she had brought the fish along on other flights and had never encountered an issue. She had also checked the Transportation Security Administration website to see if she could fly home with the pet over the holiday break

Grow up people, why the **** would fly with a damn fish?
But it turns out Southwest has a stricter pet policy than TSA. The airline announced in August it was limiting passengers to one emotional support animal per person ― and only small dogs and cats in containers stowed under the customer’s seat are permitted.

Always check the airlines rules. :shrug:

So I guess the question is if the fish is her registered emotional support animal?
At least they're taking care of it.


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