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Part 2: It's Time for a Divorce, America

Are we done yet trying to make excuses for Conservatives? Are we done fooling ourselves into believing that these people will do anything but drive our nation into ruin? Have we yet gotten over the pointlessness of trying to educate these ignorant savages? Are we tired yet of being dragged down by their incessant, relentlessly regressive belief system? Are we ready yet to acknowledge that America HAS A DISEASE that needs curing?

Read Part 1 of this two-blog series, which is directly before this one. Then let's take that whole Part 1 a bit further. Perhaps you still don't mind being married to a misogynist who would strip you of your health care coverage. Fine. *sigh* Would you go so far as to continue to be married to a spouse that, say, beats you on a daily basis, burns your possessions to ashes, gives them away to wealthy strangers, and abuses your kids? No, of course not. But in the metaphorical sense, this is what the Republican, Libertarian and other Conservative waves of human detritus are doing to this country. We can no longer function with them around. It's time for us to get away from each other as best we can. It's time for a divorce, America.

Some of us are in fact waking up to this reality. Others have been awake for a long time. Unfortunately for all, it is illegal to carry out the necessary remedy: to cut these knuckle draggers loose and let them have their own land where they can be free to destroy themselves. We set ourselves down that path in the 1860s and are stuck on that path forever more.

So what am I suggesting? Exactly what the Conservatives suggest - a soft secession.

Everything I am about to suggest involves perfectly legal actions and thus this is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. However, you can reasonably expect that cowardly Liberals and frightened Conservatives will try and call the cops, or the net cops, to silence this. So share wide and far and share quickly.

First, what is a soft secession? It's a secession in the de facto sense of the word. A complete and total cultural and economic separation to the best of one's ability and the limit of one's tolerance. This means totally cutting off every facet of Conservatism that you possibly or practically can, while staying in strict compliance with the law. I do have a bit of a pragmatic streak. I know when it's simply too uncomfortable to follow through with a soft secession to its extreme limit. Most ideologies and movements, in fact, fail because they are too rigid and inflexible. I don't subscribe to that level of inflexibility. There are even some Conservatives who eschew the War on Women and the war on the working class, who can be considered to be acceptable company. Most of them, though, have left the movement and are now Independents. There are also Conservatives who are moving left-ward. They deserve to be treated with respect and civility. They're not at all like the "Rape babies are a gift from God" and "**** the 47%" or "Hooray the cops are beating the crap out of Occupy" apes that communicate by scratching their armpits and leaving knuckle-marks on the pavement.

Soft Core Soft-Secession
The average liberal embarking on a soft secession should get into it gradually. Start with the low hanging fruit. Get to know the Conservative businesses - for instance the ones who screw over workers, or the ones who still advertise for Rush Limbaugh and who support the Republican/Libertarian Party. Don't spend all day hunting for this information - at least, not initially. It is a long and tiresome process to research all the supporters of Conservatism. Start with a quick few examples that you can afford to, like perhaps ditching Wal Mart in favor of Target, or dumping Sam's Club in favor of worker-friendly Costco. Start out gradually with "Not this, but that". Make a list and remember not to bankrupt yourself by going too far, too fast. Looking up Union-made merchandise to help with your purchasing decisions can never hurt, though.

The same goes with the company you keep. Those of you who foolishly married a Conservative, well, that's going to be a tough one, but your marriage is on shifting sands, do remember that, and do sleep with one eye open. But if you're dating one, seriously consider breaking it off, and don't be so dazzled by this person that you go do something dumb and marry them. (Ask Maria Shrively what happened when she didn't follow THAT advice.) Conservatives like to bring up the whole "equally yoked" thing - now would be a good time to remember that. Start substituting your Conservative acquaintances with Liberal ones, as far as it is practical for your situation. Don't just up and cut off your Conservitard neighbors right away, especially if it amounts to cutting off your nose to spite your face. Start networking with fellow Liberals as part of your separation process. Look for reliable Leftist replacements for your current Conservative circle of acquaintances. Yeah, that sounds a bit mechanical, but when you have Conservative acquaintances, you are the frog and they are the scorpions. At best, they will inevitably let their Right Wing nature ooze forth and poison the world you all live in. At worst they will betray you for the sake of their own gain. Regardless, one thing is true: they will vote for the very Trickle Down insanity that makes your life as a Liberal so... interesting (in a Chinese curse meaning of the word). But I totally understand, as far as you've seen, they're nice guys. At least until the mental disease that keeps them drinking the Right Wing kool-aid, bubbles to the surface, and you find yourself dealing with them in their true form. Still, though, you may have clear and rational reasons for having some friends who are Conservative; it simply isn't practical to just jettison them if, say, they can get you a job or a business deal, or worse, if they are in-laws. Discrimination is the better part of valor.

Hard Core Soft-Secession
I don't even think I should have to explain this. If you are even reading this section, you are pretty much pissed off to the eleventh degree and practically ready to move to Canada to get away from these right wing pigs. I for one ain't ready to move to Canada, I'm more interested in making America so inhospitable that the Reich Wing is driven out of America. Of course our changing demographics are going to do that naturally, but I'm not interested in waiting.

Hard core soft-secession is all about completely cutting off all ties to Conservatives. But it goes further than that. It involves vilifying them at every possible opportunity. But we've got to be careful about that or they'll start crying about how mean we are to them. (Hello, Rush Limbaugh ain't exactly the next Mahatma Ghandi!) The subtle knife is the best when it comes to vilification.

Then we must get to boycotting their businesses, firing Conservative employees where it is legal to do so (after all, they do insist that you can fire someone for any reason, so why not cook them in their own stew?), wearing "**** off, Republicans" shirts at family reunions... even divorcing a Conservative spouse (EXTREME!!!) who won't see the light. It also involves organizing liberals in a community to socially ostracize Conservatives, and potentially block them off from access to jobs and other resources. Essentially, impoverish them into complete powerlessness - a fitting end for an ideology which strives to do the same to America's working class.

Ultimately, in the long term, it means organizing votes to eventually STRIP RED STATES of the welfare dollars that they suck from the Blue states. To starve them using the power of the vote and the powers vested in Congress, until they shrivel right off the map.

Conservatives deserve to be brutalized in every possible way that the law will allow. To get rid of them we will need to make America as inhospitable to their lifestyles and ideology as possible. The hard core soft-secessionist knows that we must show them no mercy, and no relent. We must defund their police gangs, ban their charter schools, and PASS TAXES UPON THEIR CHURCHES. We must give them absolute hell. But in many cases, we must be subtle, just as they have been.

Eventually they will hyper-segregate into their own cities and states, and wallow in the unregulated filth of their own greed, inequity and injustice, until they dwindle away into extinction by their own hands, or at least devolve into a third world country that we liberals won't be obligated to support.
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