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Part 1: "But Mother, I Can't Dislike Conservatives! My Husband is a Conservative!"

Dear dumb liberal married to a Conservative, let me explain what you're married to. Especially if this nutjob voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

No, I'm not going to be civil or nice or sensitive about this. I'm going to be ALMOST as harsh to you as reality itself is. I'm going to be ALMOST as harsh as reality could have been if Mitt Romney's people had been successful in suppressing the vote in the battleground states. Because if you are married to a Conservative, you're sleeping next to a man who nearly made that awful reality... a reality.

Oh and for you men married to Conservative women who voted for Romney and his merry gang of Republicans: this is meant for you, too.

You're married to a man who voted to have BOTH OF YOU eating catfood in your senior years, thanks to the budget cuts that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan stood for when they thought they could get away with it.

You're married to a man who voted for someone that OUTSOURCED YOUR JOB OVERSEAS if you worked for any company under their control (See: Sensata), or who OUTRIGHT RUINED your company (See: KB Toys).

You're married to a man who voted to REVOKE Obamacare and throw you back into a health care system that HEAVILY penalizes women and treats being a woman as a de facto PRE EXISTING CONDITION. If you have ever been ill and had to go to the hospital, your husband voted to **** YOU UP financially. He voted to strip automatic coverage from your kids aged 21-26. He voted to leave you vulnerable to having your coverage rescinded for no good reason.

You are married to a jerk who hates 47% of the American population. You know, the same 47% you claim to be fighting for when you voted Democratic. He voted to screw every welfare recipient, every jobless person, every disabled person, and everyone who is retired. The same folks you have sympathy for. He doesn't hate those people, you say? Of course not. That's why he voted for the knuckle dragging ape who does hate those people. Actions speak much louder than words.

You are married to a guy who voted to wipe out Planned Parenthood. How? By voting for Romney. Romney was going to end Federal support for Planned Parenthood. You do, of course, realize that PP serves women in many ways not related to abortion, right? Your dear husband voted for a guy who denied funding for women to get emergency post-rape contraception when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Oh, yeah, I forgot, your husband is such a swell guy. So was Jeffrey Dahmer.

And those of you whose husbands voted for Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock, count yourselves lucky that we - all the men AND women of America, but especially women - didn't pay the ultimate price for your husband's insanity.

The truth is, no matter how nice your husband is in other ways, he has a Mr. Hyde side to him that is not only dangerous to you, but to the country as a whole. Had he gotten his way, we would all have suffered immeasurably, as a nation. He's going to vote you into hell itself when the time comes. Think about that. ESPECIALLY if he was one who voted for Mourdock or Akin.

Wrap that blanket of denial around you tonight. And sleep tight.
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