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Parrot arrested for helping drug dealers in Columbia


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Jul 6, 2010
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NEW YORK: In a bizarre incident, a parrot has been arrested by the Columbian police for allegedly helping drug dealers escape during a raid, a news report said.

According to Columbian newspaper 'El Heraldo', the incident took place when 300 police officers, acting on a tip-off, raided a hideout used by alleged drug dealers in the city of Barranquilla.

However, everyone managed to escape from the house as the parrot, named Lorenzo, raised an alert by saying, "Run, run or the cat will get you!"

Lorenzo, who had been trained to alert residents upon the arrival of the police, was taken into custody and subsequently handed over to an animal rights organisation.

A police officer told the newspaper that while the bird was being taken away in a car, it kept on saying, "Run, run!".
Parrot arrested for helping drug dealers in Columbia: Report - The Times of India
Poor parrot, they'll probably lock it up.....behind bars...keep it in a cage.....I'm sure it'll really suffer.
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