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Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah tenders resignation


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Apr 13, 2011
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Mr Hamdallah’s resignation is not yet official, nor is it thought likely that President Mahmoud Abbas will accept the departure of a prime minister he had sworn into office as recently as June 6. The surprise announcement, however, won quick support from many within thePalestinian establishment.“I respect him for taking this decision. They thought he would be window dressing and he wouldn’t’ accept that,” said Mohammed Dajani, founder of the Wastia Movement of Moderate Islam in the West Bank.

“His decision will undermine the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Abu Mazen in particular. I doubt they will have the strength to survive what is a very serious blow.”

Mr Hamdallah’s abdication is believed to have been prompted by a power struggle with his two powerful deputies Dr Ziad Abu Amr and Dr Mohammed Mustafa.

Government insiders report that Dr Mustafa, Chief Executive of the Palestinian Investment Fund, has seized a tight hold on governmental finances on behalf of the Palestinian president, effectively sidelining Mr Hamdallah regarding critical financial developments.

Read more @: Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah tenders resignation - Telegraph

The west bank political scene is in a complete mess, they cannot even get a firm PM in power with the willingness to stay there. Hopefully they will create a firm strong government that can hold up in peace talks against Israel.

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