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Paleocon and Neocon in Agreement: Iraq War is a Failure


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Aug 27, 2005
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William F. Buckley, a well known intellectual in the Conservative community, said long ago that bringing Iraq into our sphere of influence by military means would just not work. This was the rational of George Bush Sr. when he pulled the troops just short of Baghdad, and chose to contain Saddam, rather than overthrow him. A power vacuum which could destabilize the Middle East was not acceptable.

15 years later, we now see the wisdom of the President's father, as US forces are now attempting the impossible task of containing a civil war between Sunni and Shia factions, as Iraq moves into Iran's sphere of influence, as the rebuilding of Iraq has become a dismal failure, as US deficits tumble out of control, and as our soldiers keep bleeding and dying.

Buckley and the Paleocons are no longer alone in their assessment of the war in Iraq. They are being joined now by a growing number of Neocons, who have come to the same conclusion. The bombshell statement of Francis Fwkiyama (replace the w, which was inserted to circumvent the censosrship software, with a u) that Neoconservatism is dead, was only the beginning.

Now, Reuel Marc Gerecht, who is an American Enterprise Institute fellow, agrees. He says that, with the Sunnis leaving the Iraqi government, this war cannot be won. However, Paleoconservatives, and sensible Conservatives such as Bush's father, have already known this fact for 15 years.

The Iraqi experiment conceived by PNAC, which according to them, would make America stronger, has actually weakend our nation. Neocons are finally seeing this fact, and are leaving the movement. Defeat is not always a bad thing. If it is the defeat of a flawed policy, it can be good, provided we learn from that defeat. Let us learn from this experience, and once the Neocons are gone from government, let us make a vow as a nation never to let our leaders hijack us into another unneeded war, and let us rebuild, not only the trust and credibility we have lost with the rest of the world, but also the Consitutional principles upon which America was founded. It will take much work. It is time to roll up our sleeves.

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