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Another Question for everyone.About the USA. What was back then when this thing first started with a British insurrection known as the American Revolution and what it has become today and what it is capable of and what we as free fair and honest citizens be inclined to expect of our government in terms of liberty,rights, and mutually agreed upon foul or what is unacceptable to any free and fair government .

What is our government capable of?

It has sentenced innocent men to die in its "criminal Justice" system and in pointless wars for resources that were not needed at that cost given the alternatives that were always available in the form of water and wind...
The least among us can expect to be incarcerated for minor offenses with no infringement on any other persons liberty. And while minor things like civility are not only tolerable to us but welcomed however, this welcome does not extend to include things like constant video, audio, geo , surveillance in the name of security. Nor do we welcome war. Not for any reason. Rational people abhor war. War sucks philosophically and profits the leaders not the people. Any half smart person knows this.

Our government can kidnap people in other nations, transport them to other hotpots in the middle east, re-arrest them saying they are terrorists we caught in those hot spots and then hold them forever until they die. BUT if this is too long, now we can declare them enemies of the state and assassinate them or just ask one of our capable allies to do it for us...

It can get me, you, the man on the moon if the bureaucratic **** up is big enough. Just ask the people of Waco or the Weaver Family or your neighbors...Our government is capable of doing some very extreme and self destructive things. Actions that reak so bad of fascism or tyranny the conversation of the events it becomes morbid or ghoulish. Until such point to where starting a conversation about such events becomes a crime..

These are the bad things our government is capable of.

If our government is to be free and fair it must be ruled by free and fair people. If it is not free and fair our Government shall persecute and extort its people and breed a society of enslaved and devious people the worst of which shall be its leaders so that the corrupted cycle may continue.

Originally we did not approve of the amount of wealth the british state took from our toils combined with the quartering of their troops and second class citizenship extended to the colonists. We declared our intentions and did away with the British governors , put in our own people and proceeded about the business of running a large space of land efficiently and honorably.

One civil war later it become obvious we as a nation are having issues.

Present day.

Our nation is addicted to war. In love with regulation. Obsessed with enforcement. Deluded with infotainment. Reaching out online to attempt to understand it all.

If our leaders want to war why are they not on the front lines? The occupation of war to control the middle east nations is pointless and self destructive to the majority of the people of all nations involved. Our government should not be able to declare war without 3/4s consent of those that are going to be fighting in it. The occupied lands from Korea to south american "counter" narco terrorism , every where , where we have stationed US troops around the world in the name of war need to come home. War is an addiction our nation needs to overcome.

Liberty is the cure.

Our integration with the UCC has not served our nation well with it's restrictions and manipulations. We have the liberty to dissolve our participation in the UCC in favor of something more suitable to our needs today. Something that does not require a business license to start up but holds one accountable for damages occurred by the fault of the business. Something that doesn't require money to get a drivers license but rather requires proper understanding of driving. Something that does not tax us to fund abu ghraib. Something that does not watch us at stop lights.

We need to find the liberty with in us to make this nation better. No one will do it for us. Voting is not the only option and it has proven to be one of the least impacting instead of the most impacting. We must , if left with no other means, replace the offices of power with our own people among us to do the job until such time someone better is found, utilizing a better system than the previous one that caused the problem in the first place. And to not pay into the broken system.

What could we be if we just with drew our troops from around the world and focused on ourselves for five or ten years? If we worked on our energy and food production. On our health sciences. Instead of resource wars for the befit of select families. If our taxes went to infrastructure development here at home rather than the rebuilding in Iraq.

Edit to add If I am slow to respond feel free to ping me via the intertubes.
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Life is unfair. It's an easy answer.
Hi, Anarch.

There's way too many issues addressed in your post to try to respond to. Possibly you could whittle your thoughts down to one or two specific things, to make discussion easier.

A little more punctuation would make your post more readable, also.

At a guess, are you an anarchist? What flavor?
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