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Our Government's Faith-Based Scam


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Aug 27, 2005
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Our Government's Faith Based-Scam

Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the
truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.

I. Prologue

In case of a disaster, we rely on the generosity of many, who give
charitably to organizations which are promoted by FEMA. FEMA itself
provides a booklet on which charities are legitimate, and many give to
the charities listed in the FEMA publication. Not surprisingly, under
George Bush, many of the traditional charities listed in the FEMA
publication have been replaced by so-called "faith based" charities.
How ethical are these charities? In this article, I will disect one of
them, Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing, and let you judge for
yourself. Let me start by quoting a passage from the anti Pat Robertson
Web Site.

Pat Robertson is a wealthy man. An extremely wealthy man-some estimates
put his net worth at 140 million. He lives on the top of a Virginia
mountain, in a huge mansion with a private airstrip. He owns the Ice
Capades, a small hotel, diamond mines, and until recently,
International Family Entertainment, parent company of the Family
Channel. How does a televangelist, who is supposedly involved in
non-profit work, manage to create such a fortune for himself?
Apparently, between dealing with murderous dictators and ripping off
senior citizens, its not that hard.**2**

II. Beginnings

Pat Robertson started his career as a scam artist by using money
donated to CBN to start the Family Channel, which he later made a
fortune from when he sold it to Rupert Murdoch. He then made a lot
more money by duping people into buying coupon books in a multilevel
marketing pyramid scheme. One eldery woman was forced to refinance her
home after being ripped off in the scam. Roberson then used his
ill-gotten proceeds to hawk vitamins. **3**

Diamond Mining in Zaire

In the 1990's, Robertson used his own show, the 700 Club, to collect
millions of dollars which were supposed to feed the hungry in Africa.
Robertson's pitch included pictures of children who were starving to
death. Robertson used the money he collected to purchase several
aircraft, along with diamond mining equipment. Of 36 flights to
Africa, one contained some medicines, one trip was to rescue
missionaries, 17 were in connection with the diamond mining business,
and the rest of the trips were secret and never logged.
When exposed by a newspaper in Atlanta, GA, Robertson's agent then made
the claim that the aircraft were no good for delivering food, and also
claimed, without any proof to offer, that Robertson had paid back the
money to the 700 club. Robertson himself never returned any phone
calls by the reporter. **4**
In 1997, Robertson claimed to have been ripped off in his diamond
mining venture by a contractor who he claims did not deliver in a
timely manner, and sued that contractor for 1.25 million dollars. He
settled out of court for only a fraction of what he had been bilked out
of, rather than the case going to court, in which case his crooked
dealings in diamond mining would have been made public. **5**

Gold Mining and Liberian Dictator Charles Taylor

In 2001, Robertson, along with newfound friend Charles Taylor, started
a revival in Liberia. At the time, Liberia was on the US list of
terrorist nations not to do business with. Taylor was harboring members
of al Qaeda, and civil war there was to ultimately result in the deaths
of half the population of that nation. But that didnt stop Robertson.
While claiming he was there to make Liberia a Christian nation, he gave
Taylor a 10% stake in a gold mining operation in return for his being
allowed to mine the gold. Under cover of the revival for the purposes
of bringing Liberians to Christ, Robertson clandestinely mined the gold
there in violation of US law. When, with the support of President
Bush, Taylor was forced out of office, Robertson told the world that
the United States was undermining Christianity in western Africa, and
strongly supported Taylor, despite the fact that Taylor was now
indicted by the UN for atrocities and crimes against humanity. His
gold mine gone, Robertson began looking elsewhere for his fortune.
Eventually FEMA would come to his rescue, after he and Bush had made
up. **6**

Other Business Interests by Robertson

Pat Robertson paid more than half a million dollars for a race horse he
named "Mr. Pat" which he planned to race in the Kentucky Derby, and has
owned other race horses as well. **7** While calling
others immoral, and praying for heathens to be assassinated, Robertson
is still hawking vitamins for a buck these days, this time on the
website of the Christian Broadcasting Network. **8**


I end this piece as I began, with a quote from the anti Pat Robertson
Web Site, then a final quote from the Bible.

Ultimately, one is struck by the constant use of non-profit, donor
money used to fund Pat's schemes, and the total lack of ethics that
this man has. Anyone thinking about sending money to CBN to "promote
the gospel" should definitely take note; chances are that your money
will end up being used to increase the fortune of one Marion "Pat"
Robertson instead. **9**

This is the man who has obtained a favorable rating with the new Bush
FEMA. How in the world he was able to obtain that favorable status is
beyond me, but the Bible has some harsh words for those who would so
cynically use Christianity, as well as the suffering of others, as the
means to such a monetary end.

He answered and said unto them, "Well hath Esaias prophesied of you
hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips,
but their heart is far from me. **10**

**1** The Holy Bible, KJV, I Timothy 6:5

**2** The Anti Pat Robertson Website.

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**10** The Holy Bible, KJV, Mark 7:6

Scarecrow Akhbar

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Sep 22, 2005
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That's fascinating.

There should be a special law to punish religious charlatans. The Christian TV gang, the Scientologists, and the rest.
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