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Organised religion


blond bombshell
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Jul 14, 2005
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The thing is i cant even bare to debate about organized religion because i just feel like I'm debating if lord of the rings is true thats how obviously quite frankly bull **** the bible appears to me. I'm not taking bout a belief in some kind creator I'm talking about people who think Noah's ark is a true story.

Am i only with this thought. Does anyone else feel that feeling like your telling young children Santa Claus doesn't exist?
yes i do feel like that, but whatever people believe, i guess thats what they believe. I believe that the Bible has a good moral standpoint, but otherwise I jsut don't see many of those stories can be seen as anything else but stories of philosphical and moral value. And then these same people scoff at beliefs in fairies, dragons, and magic. Theres as much proof for Adam and Even having been decieved by a talking snake, as there is of dragons living in caves and pixies flying around in tree hollows.
galenrox said:
except that was contradicted when Jesus said "He that is without sin cast the first stone"

Which is highly dangerous, since the likes of Fantasea and Satinloveballs will think they have the right to fling stones in all directions.
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