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One thing trump has made clear is America's susceptibility to a fascist


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Apr 22, 2019
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One way we're very lucky is that trump is a 'keystone fascist', he's an 'Adolf Clouseau'.

He's nearly as bad a politician and fascist as you could come up with - uncharismatic, no leadership, no ideology, no cause beyond narcissism and corruption, no real political skill, no institutional broad based of support beyond the transactional, just benefiting him as an agenda.

He's a laughing stock of the world, the worst-rated president I remember never hitting 50% as I recall, he's just a grifter con man.

Now, it's terrible that even this clown has 1/3 of the country falling for his con, but what it makes clear is that an actually good politicians who was a fascist is a real thread to being able to seize power.

Someone with real political skills, who didn't lie pathologically, who knew how to compliment for political gain, someone who made the fascism benefit many to build a broad base of support - that person, scarily, seems like a threat to really take over the country.

We should learn our lesson of this from trump, but I don't see us finding many ways to deal with that threat; it's ongoing. trump just shows it's a lot easier and more dangerous than we had known.
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