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On The Road overseas

About a weeek before we were planning on leaving,, Ron proved that he
often did stupid things. After Gail left he got arrested in a night club
for soliciting a prostitue. I t cost me $300 to spring him. That's how
the police make ltheir money there. They don't arrest the prostitute,
they arrest the John and fine him.

Finally departure day had arrived. We were going to ride the air boat
ferry across the Straights to Spain and then Ron was going to hitch hike
to Torrmelois. Spain and catch a military ho[ home at the S Air Force
base there. I was going to hitch hike to baumholder , Germany to pick
up my Doldier's Deposit saving check. My molther had mailed my SDS
check to lthe lpost office in tangiers. That was a big mistake! Never
send or try to receive money in the mail in an arab country, imho. You
will get robbed every time, IMHO. It was a corrupt lsociety there
We dropped some acid and headed to the docks and customs. The
custom agents stopped Ron and I and told lus to "step into my office"
The interrogation starlted with them telling us that they knew we had
purchased 10 keys of hash. They searched us and found nothing. They
really got frustated. One agent told us to lcome clean there because
they were a lot stricter in Spain. Finally they gave up and lets us board
the ferry. Ron and I were dtriopping so much that we did not hardly say
a word. I was detached from my body and was watching it all from

The trip across the straights was awesome! I even felt a little Rocky
Mountain High".
next: hitchin through Spain.
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