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On the Road Overseas

Some things I would miss about tangiers was the time we spent with
Steve in his apartment. There was always a fresh pipe of excellent hash
burning. Steve had Jimmie Hendrix's first albums on a 33 1/3rd vinyl
recore. He played it continuosly. The first time I heard Hendrix I
thought of it as kind of depressing music. I think it may have been a
preminition of what was to become of him later. Later in life I grew to
appreciate his genius as one of the greatest musical artists of all time.
Think about how much music he created with only him and a drummer
in the band. His drummer was one swacked out dude but he kept right
up to Jimmy.
There was a hippy in an orange chalaba who jumped off the third story
balcony of the hotel where ron lived. We were sitting ar the sidwalk cafe
right below him when he landed very close to us. He was stoned out
on acid when he jumped. i could hear him scream out, "I am Jimmie
Hendrix", just before he jumped. I never stuck around to see if he lived
or died because I really did not want to know. That just goes to show
you the power of music whether it be good or bad. Of course the acid
had the most to do with it.

It was Ron's idea to drop some acid when we left
tangiers. I said "sure why not" Ron had told me that when first
dropping acid that the newbie should have a guide and have something
that he/she likes, such as music, for example. That was not the way
with my first experience was to be, as we dropped the acid on our
departure from Tangiers. First stop, Tangiers customs. Oh boy!
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