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on the road overseas

Ron was a smart guy. Sometimes he did some really stupid things but for the most part he was really devious a cunning. His plan to smuggle hash hish from tangiers to the states was a good one and it wored real well.
First we visited a few local hash factories to test the quality and find the lowest prices for the highest quality. A hash hish factory in tangiers was nothing more than a bunch of keefe smoking women who rolled keefe between their fingers until it became a very fine powder. The keefe powder was then placed into a press which formed it into hash. Moroccan hash wasn't the best hash in the world. It did not compare to Afgan hash which is the world's best but it was not available in tangiers.
We purchased ten kilos for $200.00 when we made our choice. Ron knew every big purchase of hash by americans. The hash factories reported all of these types of transactions to the secret police and received an informant's fee. Morocco was a police state and the place was swarming with secret police. They would always wait until the smuggler was leaving tangiers and customs would bust them, confiscate the dope and then sell it back to the factory.
Ron made Gail hide out in the apartment for a week. That tricked the secret police into thinking she had already left. After a week had passed gail sneaked out of tangiers with her girdle stuffed with ten kilos of
hash. She made it back to the states safely.
Ron and I were eagerly waiting for her to send us some of the profits but, sadly, that never happended. About a year later when the three of us hooked up in aransas pass, texas she said that she could not sell it because there were no buyers so she smoked it or gave most of it away.
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