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OMG a "racist" joke! A look on Hispanics being the fastest growing minority


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May 21, 2005
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Chicago, Illinois.
Ahem, my first time posting my crude humor. So, let's get to it:

Three men on are a plane: a Chinese man, a Mexican man, and an American man. They each had brought goods from their country and had loaded the plane with them. However, the plane was small, and it began to crash towards the ground. To save themselves, they decided to throw away the goods from their countries that they didn't need. The Chinese man threw away his rice because :"We have too much rice in my country". The Mexican threw away his tortillas because: "We have too mnay tortillas in my country". Then the American threw out the Mexican because "We have too many Mexicans in my country".

Read and Review, please. :2razz:
lol - funny. :)

Hopefully folks will not take this completly serious.
If I took it seriously, I wouldn't live in Los Angeles.



Funny :mrgreen: People need to lighten up and not be so politically correct.
if only it was an original joke.

I still like that one
I l)ked it. I will agree that jokes like these are endangered due to the out of control pc in this country. It seems jokes in general are becoming extinct.
That's so hilarious!

Nope an I never hear these kind of jokes upstate because everything most be politically correct.
galenrox said:
You're from Connecticut? Yeah, my grandma lives out there, and I **** EVERYONE off
Yeah, I am I live by the shoreline though. I hate the weather also, an a lot of lots of liberally bias media and people. For me I am neutral, I just tend to side with Reps. more often than Dems.
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