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Old K Prices



Is anyone else here OUTRAGED at the current prices on Old Ks?!? I simply cannot believe that there are people out there willing to pay this much! The only way to explain the insanity is that there is a core group of upper-class individuals engaging in trade for investment purposes, without regard for stewardship or any respect at all for the beauty that lies trapped within...

I find it disgraceful that the working class is effectively priced out of the market by a select few investors who undoubtedly are simply in it for the money. Those of us who actually have USE (nay: NEED) for old Ks are, by virtue of the very fact that we use these items to make money to feed ourselves, are unable to obtain them.

Not only is there a disturbing game of "keep away" going on here among wealthy collectors, but these valuable artifacts are systematically being removed from circulation among the community for whom they were created, namely the working class.

Now, I am all for free markets, but if trade of old Ks is not standardized, we are in jeopardy of the situation spiralling out of control. Instruments as rare and specialized as these need to be protected and perhaps even rationed.

What say you?!?
When I can't afford a K, I sometimes substute a C or a Q.

Umm, what are you on about?
Old K prices are *ridiculous*. Personally, I would rather find an old A from the '40s or '50s, because they're cheaper and sometimes are just as good. I stay away for the most part if they don't have a heavy patina, though...
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