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Oh, Politifact...


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Jul 12, 2014
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The " you can keep your plan if you like it". Was a "pants on fire" on politifact. For Obama

Not so.

Though "you can keep your plan" was named PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year" in 2013, in fact PolitiFact did not even grade the claim in 2013 and never graded it worse than "Half True." PolitiFact's action in naming it "Lie of the Year" was an illicit attempt by PolitiFact to sustain its credibility. Part of the trick was to meld Obama's "you can keep your plan" guarantee with his 2013 statement explaining the promise with "What we said was."

PolitiFact editor Angie Drobnic Holan explained to ABC's Jake Tapper that "you can keep your plan" and "what we said was" were co-winners of the Lie of the Year.

PolitiFact Bias: PolitiFact editor: "They're both the Lie of the Year."

For what it's worth, I gave President Obama's "What we said was" statement my own evaluation and found it true.
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