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oh, endlessness

Hello, endlessness.

The sun brings many things to this earth such as heat and it's miraculous rays but one thing easily forgotten in this "practical" mix up we call society and that happens to be the night sky and it, for me, brings clarity to the reality that we sit upon a modest body drifting in an endless void. Earth is no special planet; there is nothing from keeping some rogue asteroid into our planet. There is is nothing that can ultimately control nature, biologically over-time a virulent disease could develop and demolish lives at any limitless level. That has been clearly displayed in previous epidemics of the world. It seems so fascinating; science creates guns, guns go to war, war kills people overtime and then nature creates the black death and reduces Europe's population by an estimated 35% in approximately two years. Nature runs a course that we, as a society, try to label and define but continually find ourselves overcome by new findings that shatter norm belief on earth and abroad.

Recently, I saw an old concrete floor at a river dam while hiking that was overcome with cracks and flora. After research I found the dam was approximately 75 years old. In 80 years, life has already started to cover up science's murderous effect on this planet. Occasionally, fossils and artifacts no more than 230 million years old (scientifically speaking, oh the irony) are found and awed upon like coincidence but it's easily comprehensible that we pretty much know for a one hundred percent fact that most life on earth 65 million years ago VERY fast. That kind of knowledge we carry with such arrogance towards what it informs us of: that no matter what our nether minds can conceive, we will always remain the mindless servant to a vast and complex power on earth, as well as the infinite beyond we so graciously are indefinitely presented with.
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