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Of Fallible Umpires and Rogue Judges

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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There is one, and only one, remaining protection for Mr. and Mrs. Sophocleus against the denial of justice orchestrated by rogue Judge Thompson and the complicit appellate judges — instead of remanding the case back to the lower court for remedy again, presumably with the same expected result, the Supreme Court should impose a remedy. Under the best of circumstances, the chance that the Supreme Court will take a particular case is remarkably slim. Nonetheless, the Sophocleuses hit a home run their first time at bat, but have been denied justice due to interference by rogue umpires. We can only hope that on appeal this time, the Supreme Court ensures that their previous home run is ruled a grand slam on behalf of all Americans.

Of Fallible Umpires and Rogue Judges | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty

In addition to asking those who wish to seek office to keep the government off our backs, they should also be asked if they will keep judges in check.
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