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Obama's plan for class war, maybe coming to a street near you

Have you seen any interviews with the protesters on Wall Street NYC?
This is spreading to Los Angeles already.
In NYC when ask a serious question about what they are protesting they seem to all say the same things and if pushed as to what they want, they are lost in a fog of ignorance.

A few actually want more Democracy which is mob rule and always fails, which is why we are Democratic Republic.

These idiots are saying things like over throw our current systems and replace them with Socialism/Communism.

Are they out of their minds?

This is what Obama has been working toward with his divide and conquer tactics of them and us as he demonizes the very people that keep this Nation operating and that help in no small measure to make this the envied Nation on Earth.

Why do idiots want to reduce this wonderful Nation to Third World status?

If they succeed in starting a Revolution they will find it to be their undoing because I believe they will be fighting more than the Government, because there are plenty of true Patriots who will take the side of the Constitution, over the Radical Obama followers.

BTW there is no such thing as the Democratic Party. The GOP is a Democratic as any.
They are the Democrat Party.

The word Democratic is and adjective.

Democrat is a noun.

Try to get it right.
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