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Obamas $1,000,000,000 British Embassy


Jan 12, 2010
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Quincy MA
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Obama’s British Embassy Costs One BILLION Dollars!by Brad Jackson

Britain – home to castles of olde surrounded by moats, protected by bridges and battlements, and soon to be home of a modern castle, built as the new American embassy. The Obama administration is planning to spend $1 Billion on a new embassy across the pond shaped as a “vast crystalline cube” complete with a 98-foot wide moat.

The new home of America’s diplomatic corps in England will be built in “the Battersea wasteland” of London, moving from it’s long-standing location in the Grosvenor Square neighborhood. The State Department has been a bad neighbor in a post-9/11 age that demands tighter security. Our diplomats owe almost $50 million in charges and fines to the London government and refuses to pay a 17.5 percent VAT tax on the new embassy.

However, Obama’s choice of location for the glass cubed castle should excite his liberal base.

The new embassy, on a former industrial site behind Battersea power station known for its gay clubs, will be designed by Kieran Timberlake, the Philadelphia architect.

Now those are neighbors Obama and his liberal friends can embrace!

Considering it’s location in the capital of our greatest ally it’s a wonder this embassy costs so much and is so excessively protected. For comparison, the US Embassy in Baghdad, the capital of a war torn nation fraught with bombings and terrorist threats, only cost $600 million; half as much as our new embassy in the friendly confines of jolly ‘ol England.

To add insult to injury, a new statue of Ronald Reagan erected in the current Grosvenor Square location will not be moved to the new embassy. “‘It will absolutely not be moved,’ an official said. ‘Nor will the Eisenhower.’” Well, we wouldn’t want to offend our new embassy neighbors with the awful statue of a Republican President who fought tirelessly to defeat Communism, win the Cold War, and free Europe from the bitter oppression of the Soviet empire. Nope, that’s not part of the new green and friendly image Obama is looking to project with our billion dollar castle-like embassy.

Obama’s British Embassy Costs One BILLION Dollars! | The New Ledger

For years, Ive heard since the Iraqi embassy was so large and expensive,this was a sure sign of our hidden agenda aimed at taking Iraq for ourselves. A monument to the neverending occupation. Does this mean we'll soon be invading the UK? And never leaving?


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Feb 6, 2010
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