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Obamacare upheld? (1 Viewer)

The 'individual mandate' was upheld. Not on the grounds that the Administration fought for, that being the Commerce Clause. In fact the justices said that the CC did not apply in this case, as government can not force people into commerce. This is a good thing, as government has been expanding the CC to cover so much crap for so long, it's about time a wall has been put in front of them.

It was upheld on the grounds that the 'penalty' for not buying was somehow a 'tax' and the government has the right to tax. Yes, the government does have the right to tax, but even this seems a bit of a stretch. They can tax you for NOT buying something they want you to buy? Where is that going to head next, and how much damage will such a precedent and UNCONSTITUTIONAL idea do to us in the long run?

Are there problems with our health care system? Hell yeah. Is Obamacare going to take care of them? Perhaps a few, but overall, it is going to run the country broke as it drives up the cost of medical care, and reduces the quality and availability of services.

Government fiddling in education has raised prices, government fiddling in agriculture has raised prices, more government fiddling in health care will raise the prices.

You want to lower prices? Get government out of all the nit picky details of health care. Some regulation is always ok, but they are way past 'some' even before Obamacare came along. Also, educate people to quit going to the doctor and using insurance for every damn trivial thing in the world. Take a few aspirin and it will be fine in a day. Over use of services has driven up the cost of insurance, reducing that overuse will lower costs.

Go to the ER because you have a cough and no insurance? Let's end that. Go to a doctor and pay for the visit. Or if the ER treats them, get all their info, they are public assistance? Then take the payment from the government check they get, don't let them abuse the system like that. If they have a job and 'good stuff and expensive toys' which was more important than buying insurance was, attach their paycheck.

Yes, some will put forth the EMOTIONAL appeals, those poor people, it's so horrible. Yep. So what. Life is hard, life is not fair, and it is their own job to be responsible and take care of themselves and their families. Not everyone else's.

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