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Obamacare: The Gift To Insurers That Will Keep on Giving

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Sep 24, 2012
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This link will require a paid membership in a day or two. I have the entire article posted below.

Obamacare: The Gift To Insurers That Will Keep on Giving
By David Sirota

This week's healthcare-themed government shutdown and the much-vaunted launch of the insurance exchanges has predictably jump-started the latest season of "The Politics of Obamacare."

In this made-for-TV cartoon series, the battle over the new law has been depicted as a fight between competing small guys. Bam! Democrats insist opponents of the law don't care about the uninsured, even though the new law will leave millions of people without health coverage. Ker-pow! Republicans claim that proponents of the law don't care about struggling businesses, even though America's for-profit employer-based system puts U.S. businesses at a competitive disadvantage.
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