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Obama pushes kids to work hard in back-to-school speech [edited]


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Aug 12, 2009
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This was breaking news last year. So it is this year. Quid Pro Quo.
No complaints on 2nd Obama school talk

The article starts out "President Obama will deliver his second "back-to-school" message to the nation's students Tuesday." Not news right?

The article continues to state:
"Last year, his first as president, Obama's plan to deliver a similar message prompted an unexpected backlash from conservatives who worried he would push students to support his political agenda. However, the speech Obama delivered at a Virginia school included no political references and was welcomed by conservatives.

This year's speech also focuses on urging students to work hard in order to achieve their goals."

Now the thread from last years speech with students with quotes like: "I think he's trying to create a bunch of cheerleaders for tomorrows health care speech" and "I know you're being sarcastic, but this is how it always gets started. (in regards to turning children into the 'liberal nazi youth')"
WH Releases text of Obama's speech to America's School Children

Does anybody remember the furor of debate regarding the president's attempts to indoctrinate the youth? Remember all the arguing about whether or not our president was allowed to speak to the future of our nation? I actually remember thinking everyone was going nuts. Does anyone still believe he is the anti-christ, raising your taxes, turning us into communists, faschists, or nazis, or indoctrinating our youth, taking away your doctor, and creating death panels? I can extend the list of LIES I've heard for the past couple years if you need refreshing. How can everybody have been (and still are often) so terrified of somebody who other than getting poor people health care, limited the power of banks (regulation of rediculous 40% interest rates, $50 a day overdraft fees and the overall exploitation of the consumer), signed the agricultural credit act, pushed for and signed the small business act and put us in a positive trending economy (slow, but upward).

The country is making money but jobs are still cut and that's Obama's fault. Not private enterprises who won't hire people. He needs to fix that. But wait! Don't mess with the private sector. Just fix it. Then respond to that oil spill BP made! Now!
At least there is no mention of a song by the children about "Barack Husein Obama, mm mmm mm"

Otherwise it would have had some backlash.

As to jobs people don't want to risk capital when the future is up in the air because Obama has gone about recovery in a way that has never worked before.

Obama is never going to make any real progress until the tax and over spend era comes to an end.
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