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Obama needs to Invite "Z" over for a brew


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Nov 7, 2012
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When all this is over and "Z" is exhonorated as it appears he will be our
President should invite him over for a budwieser and heal the nation.
What do you think? A "Z" summit?
They can watch the riots together over a case or two. ;)
Maybe we should launch this as a White House dot Gov petition - Hey BO invite "Z" over for a brew man?
If the jury acquits Zimmerman, Obama will say "The jury acted stupidly."
Do they allow beer into prisons?
Do they allow beer into prisons?

Obama's going to prison? :mrgreen:

The OP made the stipulation in this make believe situation that GZ is "exhonorated ".

To answer your question. I don't think the States/Feds do, but some prisoners find ways to make their own bootleg drinks.
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