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Obama Makes Decisions Unconstitutionally And Willy Nilly


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Feb 1, 2010
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Any sane and honest person should know that G.W. Bush’s war in Iraq was unconstitutional because it was never constitutionally authorized by a congressional declaration of war. Likewise the Obama military actions in the middle east are also unconstitutional. There’s no authority in the Constitution for a President to kill people anywhere with drone strikes.

That brings me to not only the unconstitutional acts of Obama, but to his irrational and absurd method for deciding who to kill with drone strikes. As Republicans have noted, Obama doesn’t even identify by name the enemy he’s striking with the drones.

So, the question for Obama’s loyalist is, “since Obama can’t identify by name the enemy he strikes with drones, by what criteria is Obama using to make his decisions for who to strike with drones?” He doesn’t like the way they part their hair, right? He hates middle eastern brown people, correct? He does what Hillary Clinton tells him to do?
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