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Obama: 'I am worried about the Republican Party'


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May 6, 2012
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Obama: 'I am worried about the Republican Party' - LA Times
Obama: 'I am worried about the Republican Party'

“Asked during a taping of "The Tonight Show" whether he thought Republicans were happy with their presidential nominee, President Obama had a quick answer.” I am worried about the Republican Party," he told host Jimmy Fallon in the interview, which will air in full Thursday.

…….."Democracy works; this country works when you have two parties that are serious and trying to solve problems." Obama said the public should want a Republican nominee "to be somebody who could do the job if they win" — implying he does not think Trump could. And Obama said he views Trump's rise as an outgrowth of the GOP's tactics during his presidency…………. "My hope is, is that over the next couple of weeks, we're able to pull things together," he said.”

This what a President who represents all of the people is concerned about. A real leader who can shoulder the responsibility and thing of how current event will affect the future. And demonstrating real love of country and the well-being of all its people
Dear Mr. President

I am worried about the entire screwed-up government you head up. Actually, I don't worry about it anymore. Under you it has become even more rotten.

How precious? BO is concerned with the GOP, ahhhhhhh.

What a crock.
He is right in this case. While I rarely vote for Democrats and never vote for Republicans, I would prefer that they nominate competent people who can do the job if elected, even if I disagree with their particular policies.
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