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Obama & Alternative Energy


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Jul 5, 2010
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I created this thread as a spin-off from "Obama Not Creating Jobs" due to the fact id like to talk more about the alternative energy policies and future along with and not just unemployement.

Some points brought up have been:

Government Rebate Program (Some states have also including extra rebates) on items such as Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Energy Stoves (ie. Pellet).


And Obama's newest plan which now includes creating clean energy solar plants:

Obama commits nearly $2 billion to solar companies | Reuters

Now I say that this is a step in the right direction. Not only does it produce jobs now (even thou its only a couple thousand) it also has future potential to create a large number of jobs in both construction/maintenance, technological research, and national infrastructure. It is putting money in a "new" sector. It does use some pre-existing empty auto-industry factories, it does use many idle skilled factory workers (Michigan has numerous solar panel companies, one I follow is DOW chemical in Midland, MI). Besides the obvious that it creates a cleaner energy (environment), an unlimited energy, but it naturally decreases Americas dependability on foreign energy sources as well.

I would like to hear your opinion. If you dont feel like commenting, a simple agree or disagree is always appreciated!
I've said this nearly from day-1 that Obama was elected that this country needed to go in a different direction on alot of fronts, but particularly in energy. Problem is, some of those energy companies/industries that have become intrenched in the world of politics won't give up their piece of the economic pie so easily. Take big oil for example...

Many years ago, Saturn (a former division of GM) created an electric car that got outstanding mileage and was very well received by many people in CA where that state became the test platform for the car. But then big oil got got wind of this and lobbied to have the cars taken off the market. The compromise between the auto industry and the major oil companies at the time was Ethonal, but since the Iraq war when fuel prices skyrocketed we saw a major push for Hybrid vehicles, another form of compromise between the auto industry and big oil.

Cap & Trade policy will be fought hard by lobbist for utility companies, but you can beat coal and other energy producing companies won't sit still and let Solar (or wind) energy cash in on their earnings. But as I see it, this country can't afford NOT to migrate from fossil fuels. So, it becomes a matter of "how much" of a playing field other energy companies are willing to allow solar (and wind) energy to reach into "their" marketplaces.
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