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NYPOST: Hamas supports Ground Zero Mosque

Harry Guerrilla

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Dec 18, 2008
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Can you point to any time where I said I make the rules? See, that is an actual straw man argument.

Then why cry about it?
Why should a group of people, who have done nothing wrong, be prejudged by you?

In the name of their religion. The same religion. The only moronic thing here is to deny the connection.

Plenty of Christians have done bad things, in the name of their religion.
Plenty of Muslims provide charity, in the name of their religion.

Which is wrong, which is right?
Why can't you make a distinction between the bad and the good of a people?

Show me where I ever said the mosque will cause more people to die.

Please do not make up statements I never made.

Then why are you against it?

How so? Do they both want to build? Did one fight for years longer than the other?

The church wants property of someone else, they are wanting to trade.
The mosque bought their property outright.

Big difference.


Voluntary Resignation
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Jul 3, 2009
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I don't think President Obama could have ever have been against it. I mean he is a secret Muslim.
We'll never know for sure until we see his long-form birth certificate.
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