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Jun 8, 2005
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Hi, I'm Matt, i was invited here by some one i know in person, though i dont know her name here. Have to ask later i guess, lol. I try not to aline my slef with any politcail bent. Im shure some one will say i am something and I'll bair with him. i just dont like all the backround junk associated with the bents. If you couldnt tell yet, im not fully uptodate on stuff, nor into it way big time. Though i plan on learning, hence my presence. I will post from time to time in the mist of my reading. well, time for sleep.
I first came here to read as well, but started posting as well. Welcome number 622 to Debate Politics.
Hi Pulaskee! :2wave:

Hi there!

Welcome to Debate Politics!
Hey, Matt!

Good to see you made it... :)

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