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NSA's file recovery service is great


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Feb 5, 2011
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Accidentally lose an email? Can't find pics of your kids from your trip last summer? Windows registry compromised?

Fear not! With the NSA's new file recovery service, at


You can get back anything. The tool is simple and easy to use. All you have to retrieve or lost email is

1) Supply the URL of the file/email you lost, then push submit, and presto, it will give you a link to download it back again


2) Supply the local and public IP address of your PC, and the local hard drive path to your file, push Submit, and voila, a link to download your lost file

IMHO, the tool is much more convenient and reliable than any backup utility I've used, and what's more, it's free :)

Stay tuned for the NSA's newest tool, set to launch later this year. . .


The tool, accessible on the Net, can tell you what items you're low on in your household that you need to buy, so there's no need to make a shopping list.

In fact, based on the latest press release on WikiLeaks, it can even tell you if you're low on bath soap.
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