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NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls


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Sep 16, 2012
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Tucson, AZ
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Ridiculous. Horrible for any democratic system that strives to provide a safe environment for dissent along with critical and creative thought. Also, depending on what is required to wiretap and if those requirements are actually met before its done, it may also violate the 4th if not also the 1st amendment.

I'm pissed.
If this is accurate, it is unacceptable. However, I've seen too much misinformation touted as "fact" only to be proven false to get my panties in a wad at this point. What I am pissed about is that whatever secret activities our government takes to protect the country are being laid bare to the rest of the world along with crappola that at some point will be proven baseless.

I'll wait until we actually know what is going on to decide how I actually feel about it. :shrug:
As John Oliver and the Daily Show put it, Good News: You were not paranoid.

Those wearing the tinfoil hats were probably right. :lamo
NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls | Politics and Law - CNET News

So now it seems that not only can NSA listen in to conversations but, since the rule is there, they do.

While it would be highly unlikely that any person listens to all the calls how difficult would it be to process the calls through a voice recognition "sniffer" that kicks out certain calls based on keywords or phrases?

I could be wrong, but as I understand it the practice is to get raw detail on all "connections" between US devices and those in other countries. Where patterns are recognized by software programs, the NSA can and does then go to the FISA court to get a warrant to "listen in" on any calls between those devices identified in the patterns. To "listen in" or record all calls placed within the US, even for a month, would be cost prohibitive and never contemplated. The real wiretapping doesn't begin until the fishing expedition succeeds in capturing a pattern and then only after the court grants the warrant.

In my view, the IRS scandal, the "criminalization" of investigative media, and the coverup of Benghazi are far more important issues but it's good that Americans are waking up to the type of person and people you have running things in Washington.
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