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Now that was a presidential sounding speech

Excellent speech, I like his grasp on reality, there. Very flowing, obviously his thoughts - no questions on that - no fluff from some behind the scenes person feeding tidbits to him.

From a parent-point-of-view, however, I disagree a bit in the end. Yes, people should take pride in their state and leave it better off, try to continually improve it so future generations can benefit and feel the responsibility and desire to do the same - I agree with that. But from a strict parenting point-of-view it's important to also give your children a sense of "what's out there" - and if they want to move elsewhere and you have to communicate via internet that's not a *bad* thing. It's not reflective of everything that went "wrong" - it doesn't mean you've ****ed up. What it really means is that you've, also, raised them right. You've raised them to be individuals, not tethered to the "parental-cord" or the "family unit." You've raised them to want to know more and learn more and sometimes, in order for you to do that, you have to leave.
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